Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Let's Talk About The Good Times Only

A lot of things are happening at the moment and I am pretty overwhelmed by it all. I am trying to focus on me at the moment. I am trying to learn to be happy even when there are crappy times. I think I am doing an okay job.

Here are some of the happy happy times from this holiday, so far. We went to a beautiful wedding in the Natal Midlands and my friend Sarah is visiting from Japan. At the same time that my friend Laura is visiting from the UK. Yay! And I had Brian's family over for Christmas Eve. And I cooked Gammon. And no one got sick.

Brian and I at his friend, Greg's wedding.

How cute is this chapel? I love it!

Brian's friends are nutters!

Mmmmn...so hot :)

The girlfriends of the nutters (actually, girlfriend (me), fiance (Jax) and wife (Gen))

Me and hillock, the nuttiest nutter of them all.

Brian and Sarah underneath my "Japanese Couples umbrella' christmas present (from sarah)

Sarah and Me

Me and Sarah, Laura and Helen (how pretty do they all look?)

My pretty patio all ready for Christmas Eve

These lights were supposed to be only for christmas but I love them so I am not taking them down and no one can make me ;)

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